Meet Elise

Elise Morgan Haw Kirk was born August 3rd 2010. I was still young when she was born, and I didn’t have much money, so I was worried about how I would raise her. However, when she was six months old, me and my husband came into a lot of money, so we realised that we could raise Elise how she could be raised.

I’ve asked Elise a few questions:

What do you remember about when you were little? “I remember when we went to the beach and the day when Ashley was born. Also when I met [my best friend] Kaya.”

What’s your favourite thing about living in Seattle? I like going to the park with my friends.

If you could change anything in the world, what would you change? More chocolate, or maybe some more toys for me to play with.

I hope that you can’t wait to see Elise in the future, and track her development with me!




Hi, I’m Brinley. I’ve made this blog because I just want to share my life and connect with people!

I’m a mom of two; six-year-old Elise and three-year-old Ashley. We are also six weeks pregnant with our third child!

For now I am not going to post much, but hopefully there will be some updates soon.